24th June — new achievement unlocked.

23rd June — added a new template code.

23rd June — edited every single iframe page css but now it's all consistent thank god.

23rd June — new index blah blah. maybe this one will last more than a month. minor edits await, but everything works for now. will get my previous code posted as a template when i can !!

22nd June — new poll is live !!!! go vote for what social media to kill !!! i also added a results box under the poll that tells you which option won the previous poll, as well as linking to an image with all the response percentages !! your vote matters !!

21st June — minor edits to diary pages for spelling n stuff, added new gamelog in media, and a new tutorial for redirecting sites.

20th June — new diary entry and... something else... i forgot... oh !! new achievement unlocked.

18th June — added new pixels to the graphics page (and a new section titled edited) as well as a new dream diary entry !!

15th June — new diary entry regarding template code.

11th June — added a new diary entry, a new purchase entry, and various other small fixes.

10th June — i made a mini clique !! also, i made my website as mobile friendly as possible lol...

9th June — added my VNDB page, a database of every VN i've played, and i will continue to add to it as if it were my media log. tbh i think i missed some... i just added the ones i immediately remembered !!

8th June — moved temps and tuts to this site, also manifesto and links. minor edits throughout pages.

7th June — added some purchases, and made minor edits to the cookbook. oh, i also added a new chat box. also also edited this update box to make it read easier.

6th June — remade, um... literally everying LOL. i also made some completely new pages, such as the media, cookbook, and buy pages.