VN database

a collection of all the VN's i've played !!

theyre here and not in the media log because i play a lot of them and think they deserve a dedicated spot !!

no spoilers contained beyond trigger warnings !!

safe for work

titles that, for the most part, are safe for work !! some titles may include general trigger warnings, but they are not explicit in nature.

Buried Stars / The Silver Case / The 25th Ward: The Silver Case / Class of '09 / Critters For Sale / Danganronpa / A Date With Death / Doki Doki Literature Club! / Higurashi When They Cry / Selene ~Apoptosis~ / Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority- / Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

"Zero Escape: The Nonary Games"

there's a bit of a theme going on, isn't there? it's another murder mystery, but it feels a bit more... adult, in theme, setting, and character? not in an explicit sense, just a little more mature than the other mentioned murder myster titles. if you have a DS, i recommend playing the first title in the series on your DS as intended. but every single entry is really fun in their own ways !! good series to get into i think !!

"Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority-"

do you like danganronpa? or the idea of a murder mystery? pick this game up now !!!!!!! to be honest with you, i even prefer this title over danganronpa. the characters, setting, mechanics, and story all suit my tastes better than danganronpa, so please support the creator and buy this title !!

"Selene ~Apoptosis~"

some triggering content and illusions to nsfw content is included in this title, but it's never explicit. unless you buy the 18+ patch !! just your friendly VN about a horror show cat girl. it was interesting to explore, if a bit confusing at times. i really loved the extra media contained within this game, and it's relatively quick too !!

"Higurashi When They Cry"

if i listed every reason why you should play through higurashi, i'd be here for fucking ever. just do yourself a favour and play the game, the first chapter is even free !! so you can pick it up and play through it to see if it's your cup of tease, but i guarantee that you'll fall so in love with it that you have to pick up the other chapters !! i haven't even finished the series and it's still in my top fav games ever list, so go and try it !! there is quite a bit of triggering content, especially in later chapters, but it's never so explicit to be an issue i've found.

"Doki Doki Literature Club!"

what is there to say about this game that hasn't already been said...? if you haven't already played DDLC, then i highly recommend it. it's inspired countless other VN's, and the graphic content of the game is expressed in such a genuine and honest way. thoroughly enjoyable, yuri is my fav !!

"A Date With Death"

warning: i think A Date With Death is getting a NSFW expansion, but as of writing this entry, the game only alludes to NSFW interactions, and is not explicit in its material. still !! i really love the depiction of death in this otome game !! he's so cute to me... my beloved... and the way the game has you interacting with him is really unique !! a lot of customisation is contained within the game, and it's very LGBT+ friendly which is always a bonus. relatively short, but oh so sweet !!


every single entry in the series, not just the first game, are so fun !! your classic murder mystery, but in a school setting. to be honest, i was really late to the whole danganronpa party, but i still enjoyed the series a lot !! i think the characters excell really well, and are definitely the highlight of the series. the story setting also is really fun !! the second entry in the series is my fav i think...

"Critters For Sale"

to be honest, i don't fully remember the full details of this game. like i don't remember if it has any nudity etc involved, but i think that if it does it's not sexual in context? it's just a fucked up little adventure novel, filled with surrealism and references that i found really enjoyable !! the style of the game is really pretty and the dialogue is really... eccentric, but fun !!

"Class of '09"

this entry serves for the re up version of the game too, both of them are really fun! especially if you're a 90's baby, like me !! it hits so well for how life was at the time, growing up in high school during the 2000's, with the topics and humour at the time. so unashamed of every aspect of life back then, in an honest and sometimes funny way. there are some triggering contents, but it's not explicit at all. it made me feel nostalgic and extremely sad all at once, 10/10 !!

"The 25th Ward: The Silver Case"

play this game after The Silver Case. you wont regret it. i promise. i cannot ramble forever about how much i love this game, just know it's in my top three series ever. check out my loves page for a full list of games to play in the KTP series !!

"The Silver Case"

it's difficult to state just how much i love this game. just know that i got a tattoo inspired by it, okay? play it. you won't regret it. murder mystery detective it's got everything u could possible want. amazing ost. fun characters. play it now!!!

"Buried Stars"

a really interesting and thoughtful little mystery VN! i really enjoyed the characters for this title, as well as the setting. it's not a setting you usually come to expect from this kind of story, and i really love the endings for this game !! it's relatively short too, as far as NV's go. so i encourage picking it up if you want a quick fun little mystery!

not safe for work

titles that are explicit in nature, hence the not safe for work tag !! intended for mature audiences only.

YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story

"YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story"

hey !! its the game my site is based off of, isn't that neat? for real though, i love aoi with my whole heart and nobody can ever change my mind !! while i love Aoi, though, i found her source material to be a bit of a slog to get through sometimes... i do feel like the slog is worth it though, just be prepared for a lot of reading, more than what i'm used to with visual novels. some of the endings require such strict paths to follow too, so much so that i had to use a guide. overall, i think it was all worth it, in spite of the difficulty i had with the game. general trigger warnings apply, as well as explicit sexual themes as per its existence under the NSFW tab !!

not safe for life

titles that are explicitly not safe for work, but also contain content that is considered not safe for life. heavy trigger warnings to be expected. generally gross to the average user.

Room No.9 / The Song Of Saya

"The Song of Saya"

while i cannot attest to the patch of this game, as i didn't use it, i can say that even without the patch, this game has enough triggering content to leave me squeamish. gore, cannibalism, lovecraftian horror, sexual themes. this game honestly left me feeling violated, and as such, i find it difficult to recommend to others. on one hand, it succeeded in what it set out to do, which is to horrify me so thoroughly that i cannot get the thought of the game out of my head LOL. and on the other hand, the contents of this game are so abhorrent and disgusting at times that i do not wish to subject anyone else to the horror, so please do play at your own warning !!

"Room No.9"

heavy trigger warnings for this one, not in the least including things like scat, abuse, suicide, and various manipulative sexual circumstances. despite the disgusting content within this game, i had so much fun with it !! it's so... psychological in its horror, and the fact that i was disgusted by some scenes is a testemant to it, i think. the art in this game, oh my god.... so so good so yummy, especially when paired with the sound design !! the characters moans and breathing were so yummy to listen to, and i love the differing endings of this title! if you can stomach the trigger warnings (more are included on the steam page) then i highly recommend this sexy psychological horror !! as one steam reviewer put it: FOR A VOYEURISTIC FUJOSHI (me !!). if you want something dark that will test your limits, then Room No. 9 is the game to go with.