contained here are my passing thoughts. they are not important.

18th June '24 2:10am — mm... nothing better than my brothers noodles at 2:10am... (the secret ingredient is soy sauce)

16th June '24 12:05am — Press 2 on your keyboard for Tokio Morishimia. Press 3 in your keyboard for the Cooler Tokio Morishima

14th June '24 12:02am — smt5v releases in 4 hrs. will i ruin my sleep schedule for a mere game? check back later to find out !!

12th June '24 5:44pm — anonymity i love hate you :D

11th June '24 2:12am — why is it literally so difficult to install fate/stay night. let me play ur damn game !!!!

10th June '24 5:46pm — some of yall are weird fr.....

9th June '24 1:14pm — i LOVE SEAWEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8th June '24 7:41pm — testing testing 123

8th June '24 5:23pm — motivation... come to me... please.. i beg of thee...

7th June '24 1:48pm — mitski i love you...

6th June '24 2:54pm — hellow from vscode >:D

3rd June '24 8:59am — man... im slacking sm with this site im SORRY!! gotta move my love, recc, and link pages. then i should be more free to update it!!

25th May '24 8:59am — i really really really need to make a paradise killer love page... and import my other love pages :D!

21st May '24 12:06am — man... oh man oh man oh man... y'know?

18th May '24 2:43am — i have upgraded from a 5 min q timer to a 10 min q timer because i have left too many aram games... maybe this is my sign to quit... LOL...