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Elden Ring

despite really sucking at souls games, i really wanted to finish elden ring once and for all before the DLC came out !! and im happy to say that i DID complete it !! with the help of my brother and the seamless co-op mod, we finished the game and it bugged out so i got two ending achievements lol...

the game is quite brutal in my experience. a lot more difficult than previous souls titles, but still an enjoyable experience to share with my brother! i don't think i'll ever play the game by myself, because it's just not fun for me that way. i like to share the game with friends, and to get help from them, so im waiting for the seamless co-op mod to update to include the DLC before i even think about purchasing and playing the DLC.

if you like previous souls titles, im sure you'll love this one too. the music, as per usual, is supreme, it's so fucking fun getting into a boss arena and to be blasted by such good tunes !! and the fights themselves are fun and challenging, but not frustrating for me !!

i heard that the DLC for elden ring takes a lot of inspiration from bloodborne? particularly when it comes to levelling up. despite having to wait for the mod to update, i can't wait to explore to DLC with my brother when i can !!


this is a rougelite. rougelike? i never learnt the difference. similar to slay the spire in that it uses a card system for gameplay.

it's honestly really fun, its super engaging and has a lot of wtf content packed to the brim !! a really fun time waster and a quick in and out experience for whenever i just need something lighter to play.

it does get a bit cringe at times though... the mechanics and such are fine, but theres a lot of meme culture contained within it that makes me think this isn't necessary lol, but it's fun regardless. also sometimes i feel like the game is a bit... cheap? i dunno... like i think to myself how the fuck am i meant to beat this? and then, inevitably, i do beat it.

i haven't finished the game yet, but theres lots ot unlock and the animation and art style is gorgeous so yeah !!


June — "Lost: Season One"

okay, technically not a movie, but that's my fault for naming this page as such lol...

anyway, i should preface this by saying that i have never watched lost before! this is actually my first time watching the series, and given that i hate watching any kind of episodic show, i think the fact that i was able to get through a whole season is a good enough recommendation by itself.

im watching it with my mom, who has fully completed the series, so she's rewatching it. its fun getting to see her reactions to my wild theories so far (dinosaurs anyone???) and to have someone to talk to about the show!

i am genuinely annoyed by every single fucking character in the show except for lock(e) (idk how to spell his name sorry!) and hurley!! they are my favs!! but this is why i typically hate drama shows. they're so stupid!!!!! and annoying!!!!

however, despite my grievances with the cast of characters, they're all fun to watch at the same time! i love getting to complain about the silly little tv characters and their silly little drama for an hour with my mom, and i am genuinely very engaged in the story/mystery so far!

highly recommend for a good mystery. im so heavily invested already which is the aim of all shows, right? so i can't help but to recommend it!

May — "Love Lies Bleeding"

wanna watch lesbians killing and kissing? you should watch this movie then! kirsten stewart is such a good actress in my opinion, and she certainly didn't disappoint in this sweet little affair! i think my favourite part of this movie was the dialogue. how stunted and deliberately placed it felt, how the words that were being spoken matched perfectly with the expressions and the tone of the film. the ending confused me a little, but it didn't bother me, because i had so much fun throughout the whole rest of the film that i just thought: yeah, i get it, yknow?

really fun, super entertaining, not gratuitous with its sex scenes, emotionally enthralling, and a silly enough plot to contrast against the more serious topics present. thoroughly enjoyed myself!

May — "Abigail"

ballerina vampire? i'm sold! the trailer for this one looked super fun, really campy, and reminded me of the classic evil dead films in both tone and silly gore! on the topic of gore, i'm someone who can't handle a lot of it, even if it's fake... but despite the abundance of it present in this movie, i never once had an issue with it which was nice!

however, despite my high hopes and general enjoyment throughout the film, the ending fell so flat for me... turning what could have been a 4/5 film into a 2/5 just through the sheer tonal change at the end.

generally speaking, the film was good. a nice laugh with friends. but that's the extent of it, for me.



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