cool links

a small collection of links you may find useful, seperated into several categories!

links description
w3schools html, css, and javascript help!
html generator generate markup for lists, tables, iframes, and more!
gifcities GIF search engine! a huuuge archive. code for custom cursors!
cssgradient a generator to create CSS for a gradient. create custom made blinkies!
dafont good website to find custom fonts for whatever you need.
background repeater a tool to turn any image into a repeatable background.
90's cursor effects various different effects for your cursor trail needs!
RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects several different effects for your site. mouse, text, and graphic!
scripted lots of html/css code snippets to use!
ishimori more html/css snippets here!
lovespace even more html/css snippets are here!
coolsymbol copy and paste cool symbols.
88x31 button maker by Hekate! useful for making your own site button.
88x31 button maker by Sadgrl! just another button maker to use!
Hekate layout builder Hekate layout builder.
Sadgrl layout builder Sadgrl layout builder.
Sadgrl's layouts free website layouts made by Sadgrl!
Repth themes free themes made by Repth!
Eggramen pages free pages created by Eggramen!
templaterr free layouts and nav tools!
createblog free website theme code!
background generator Hekate background maker, various options available!
background archive a collection of categorised backgrounds by Hekate.
poll creator create poll code for your website!
cool fonts fancy text to copy and paste.
alt codes copy paste alt codes.
99gifshop a curated list of gifts to "buy".
gifypet add a small friend to your site! customizable! another pet to add, but more tamagotchi in style.
Bonnibel's Graphic Collection a huuuge list of pixels to download!
finns resources moooore pixels, all tiny.
homuhoard even more pixels! wow!
pixelsafari can you believe it, more pixels!
mobile friendly css exactly as the link says! learn how to make ur site mobile friendly. file hosting! i use this a lot.
rainbow text generate rainbow text!
transparenttextures custom colour repeatable backgrounds.
textures warning: autoplay voice + sound effects. a huge gallery of free repeatable background!
hover.css download and use many css animations!
Creating a Feed Reader from StatusCafe exactly as the title says!
CRT effect Add a CRT effect to your site!
Javascript Calendar A customizable calendar script for your site!
Re:Hoeass Animal Crossing pixels for free use :D!
3DS hack guide hack your DS!!! NOW!!!
Vimm's Lair download games for your DS!!! NOW!!! (among other consoles!)
THE DEATH GENERATOR create custom game dialogue text for your favourite game(s)!
spriters a huge collection of game sprites.
earthbound text generate any text- earthbound style.
minecraft achievement create custom minecraft achievements!
Godot free game dev software! i can vouch especially for this program because my brother is making a game using godot!! while there are many paid games here, there is a vast wealth of free games to play and download from this site! personally, me and my brother use this site to post our games.
YN online play Yume Nikki + fangames online!
SOCIAL neat little site to update your friends on how/what you're doing!
spacehey a working myspace clone.
MelonLand oldweb/wev revival forum!
spacebar an 18+ LGBTQ+ forum based within an interstellar dive bar.
petpet make any image pettable!
mazeguy so many amazing pixels/smileys to use!
gimp free image editign software!
firealpaca free drawing software for your art needs.
krita another free art program to check out!
ditherit dither any image you want!
dither me this another online dithering site. a huge collection of anime images! good for headers and such!
pixelsea another huge collection of 32x32 (or smaller) pixels, as well as 88x31 buttons!
AC-chan "automatically generate short music from the music title you entered"
Audacity free, open source, cross-platform audio software.
Rainymood add some lovely soothing rain rounds to the background of your day! sounds amazing when paired with some music!!
mynoise various background sounds to listen to, not just rain.
mediahuman download any video from youtube for whatever reason! i use this for saving audio.
wordcounter an online word counter if you ever need one! has other functions, like reading time and level.
onelook a dictionary and thesaurus all in one! works especially well when you've forgotten a word.
height comparison a chart to compare heights. that's it! useful for writing purposes, among other things.
describing words cool resource for describing many things! sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, etc!
wordsprout need a little motivation for writing? try this site out! watch a plant grow as you type!
MORE links a collection of fun links curated by sadgrl! webmaster links resources for webmastery by Sadgrl.
peelopaalu massive link directory!