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simple recipes that i, as a neurodivergent person enjoy !! i am documenting them not only for personal usage, but also in case you need/want some inspiration for your own quick meals which require little to no effort at all !!

i use a scoring system for myself, see below.

level one: literally no effort at all, usually grab and go.

level two : requires minimal prep, a couple minutes at most.

level three : a little more prep required, usually my limit.

level four : i can't personally cook these recipes, but my loved ones can cook them well and they're very yummy !! one day i hope to reach this level!!

effort level:
effort level:
salmon bagel

one of my favourite quick meals is a salmon bagel !! not in the least because you can freely customise it to your hearts content, but i'm going to tell you all about my favourite way to eat this meal !!

what you will need: a bagel, pre prepared salmon slices, cream cheese in a tub, and either a whole avocado, or some guacamole !!
  1. depending on which kind of bagel you bought, you will either have to cut it in half or simply open the pre-sliced bagel up.
  2. then, grab your tub of cream cheese and smear as much as you'd like onto your bagel !!
  3. after smothering your bagel in cream cheese, you want to grab you salmon slices. i always buy pre-cut salmon, but there's no harm in cutting the slices yourself if you have the energy to do that !! as i pick up and place slices of salmon, i like to feel the piece for bones, and if i feel any, remove them before adding the slices to the bagel.
  4. once you're done adding the salmon slices, it's time to add the avocado! now, it depends on what you've bought...
    • if you've bought a whole avocado, then all you have to do is slice it in half, remove the pit, and scoop out the insides. i find that adding the insides to a bowl so that i can appropriately smash and mush the avocado up into a consistency i prefer is ideal !! you can make the mixture as chunky as you like !! once you're done, spread the avocado onto the other bagel, the slice that doesn't have salmon on it !!
    • or, if you've bought some guacamole (which is just as yummy BTW !!) all you gotta do is open it up and spread the mixture onto the other bagel, the slice that doesn't have salmon on it !!
  5. and... you're done !! of course, add or remove whatever ingredient you'd like from this mix. this is just how i prefer to eat my salmon bagels.

some additions: chilli flakes on your salmon, salt in your avocado mixture, lemon juice in your avocado mixture, etc !!

effort level:
effort level: