a log of everything that i've bought and would like to document !!

2024 purchases !!

in order of: newest to oldest !!

GHM Merch !!

eeeee my ghm merch arrived!!! you know, looking at these two items, you wouldn't think that it cost me almost 100 quid, right? shipping from japan was damn near 30, but what else was i to do? not buy them? i think not !! anyway, im so happy to have these items finally !! the art book is like a dream, the prints inside of it are so gorgeous ugh, highly recommend if you like art !! and the jumper of Paula... to be honest with you, i never originally played SoTD, and instead watched my brother play it. but i'm thinking about picking up the remaster when it releases! and the style of the jumper is so pretty, Paula looks so beautiful in her missing poster...

the only downside is that they had no small or medium sizes left for me, so i had to get a large hehe... but as i've already stated, i don't mind large fittings, it looks nice as is. you can grab GHM merch here, but keep in mind that japanese shipping is expensive !!

Japan Exclusive Merch

warning: this entry includes a lot of images, so you may have to scroll a bit!

seeking mion sonozaki figurines, i came across this seller on ebay who had the higurashi postcards pictured above! the problem with the mion figurines i was finding was that shipping was 20+, but this seller had the postcards with free shipping, so i decided to check out some of their other listings !!

turns out... i wanted a lot more of their items LOL... and even now, after buying so much from them, i want more !! i have to wait until i get paid again though...

however, my buying experience was excellent and i really recommend this seller !! im so happy with all of the items i managed to pick up, especially the sekai promo materials!

oh, the stickers and cards pictured last were items the seller gave me for free with my every purchase !! isn't that so cool and nice??

8BitDo Micro Bluetooth Gamepad

i have an entry for the other 8BitDo mini controllers i've bought in the past, you can find the reviews for them in my "reccs" section on the left ⇦, but this one is the lastest i bought !! you can find it here !!

compared to the zero 2 controller i have, they're almost the same size. the main difference being that this micro controller is a bit more square shaped? the zero 2 is super round, and very shiny. the material of the zero 2 is super smooth too, but this micro controller is square and matte.

i prefer the feel of the zero 2 as compared to the micro, however, this micro controller has mini R2 and L2 shoulder buttons, meaning that it's easier to use the controller on switch! it solved the issue i experienced with my zero 2, and for that, i am forever thankful.

i like all of my mini controllers, so im really happy to add to it with the 8BitDo Micro !!

Killer7 T-Shirts

my brother showed me these shirts originally, because i don't use twitter and the company that dropped these designs posted about it on twitter, so big ups to my brother for sharing such cool designs with me !!

if you haven't seen my loves page, then allow me to tell you: killer7 is one of my favourite games ever !! so i absolutely had to pick these shirts up as soon as they dropped! they took about a month to arrive because it was a pre-purchase i made, but im so happy with them !! only downside is that i bought a medium to be on the safe side, when really a small would have fit me better. but baggy clothes are cool too!

i got em from Scenes of Explicit Violence, although you can't access the site at the time of me writing this due to it being locked behind a password.

i'll be keeping an eye on the site to see what else they drop in future, because these shirts are so cool !!!