about me

curious, are you ?

you can call me neet !! or, if you wanna get more personal, then mimi is okay too. i'm 27 years old, from Scotland, and use any pronouns !! i am a self proclaimed fujoshi !! an acclaimed fanfic author, willing neet, participating otaku, part time coder, and all round sharer of things !!

i like being creative more than anything. reading, drawing, writing, gaming, coding, diamond painting, cross stitching, etc, etc... i was put on this earth to be silly and create art; and that's it !!

i like a lot of things. visual novels, RPG maker games, romantasy novels, baking, cows, angels, anime, manga, BL, coffee, vocaloid, anime girls and boys, among many other things !!

i won't be listing what i dislike because that's boring.

about site

it's fun keeping one.

seriously though, i want to express myself on a smaller, more personal, less interesting, site. here, this is me. this is mine.